It's not just about creating illustrations. For each project, a whole new style is created.

The fun lies on trying new tricks.

I was born and raised in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, but currently live in Vancouver BC, Canada. Back in Brazil, I chose to graduate on Graphic Design, but kept working solely as an illustrator during (and after) the academic degree, which was fundamental for the expansion of my repertoire, as well as the understanding of the context in which illustrations are inserted. Right now I’m studying 3D and concept art. 

All along, I’ve never committed to develop a single style . I think every job is an opportunity to hone new skills and styles.

Eu nasci e fui criado em Belo Horizonte, Brasil, mas atualmente moro em Vancouver, Canada. Ainda no Brasil, escolhi me formar em Design Gráfico, continuando a atuar especificamente como ilustrador durante e após o curso, que foi fundamental para expandir meu repertório, assim como o entendimento do “todo” no qual a ilustração está inserida. No momento, estou estudando 3D e concept art.

Pelo caminho, nunca me comprometi a seguir um único estilo. Creio que cada trabalho novo é uma oportunidade para lapidar novas habilidades e estilos.



Books and magazines have been the most common hosts to my work, so far. But it’s also been featured by apparel brands, government e-learning, advertising agencies, a music label, schools and events.


Traditional drawing/painting
Photo manipulation

pencil then watercolor

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I’m also a professional photographer. Click here to see my work!


I make some crazy, video game-ish music. Listen to it here.

Ipad art

I’m starting a YouTube channel with time lapse videos of my IPad drawings. Click here to check.

Another blog

I participate, albeit behind the lenses, on, a personal blog my wife and I maintain. Check it out!